Please note: We're out of office from May 2-20, so kindly expect delays in shipping. Thank you for your patience!
Please note: We're out of office from May 2-20, so kindly expect delays in shipping. Thank you for your patience!
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Frequently Asked Questions


Sending Your Feathers

How do I send in feathers for processing or store credit? 

First, prep the feathers for transportation. Breaking down the wing gives you more store credit, saves shipping weight, makes the package cleaner and less attractive to feather-damaging bugs, and helps us to jump right into processing your service order. Please check out our video demonstrating breaking down the wing on our Resource page. Then choose a box that is big enough to accommodate the feathers without cramming them in to fit, causing quill damage. Lastly, include a note containing your name, email address, shipping address, and what you want us to do with your feathers. Please read the Send Your Feathers page thoroughly; that's where you'll find a breakdown of all the options we offer, costs, store credit value, turnaround times and where to send the feathers. 


I sent in my feathers. Where are they?

Some people like to know their feathers arrived with us safely. If you want that peace of mind, feel free to use the Contact Us form or email us at at least 4 weeks after shipping and we will confirm if we have them. Please let us know if you're checking on a package that contains a different name on the return label.

*Note: Our processing time is temporarily extended as of Summer 2023 due to high demand for this service. We are a very small team handcrafting each custom order with the highest standard of care and quality. However, we are implementing new measures to speed up our process without sacrificing the quality we're proud to provide. 



When will the feathers I want be back in stock?

They may not be in stock and ready to ship but you can still order them! If the feathers you want appear to be out of stock, select "Custom Quantity" and type in the amount you want. You will still be able to complete your order, just allow us a little extra time to hand craft those feather selections for you. 


I ordered the wrong type of feather. Can it be changed?

Sometimes someone accidentally orders Left Wing instead of Right Wing or 4" Shield Cut instead of 4" Parabolic, etc. Accidents happen! Email us at with your order number and what you meant to order and we will get that changed if it has not been shipped. 


I have questions. Where is a phone number so I can call you?

We are happy to help answer any questions! As a small and busy team, we largely depend on email to allow us more time to dedicate to fulfilling each customer's order. We appreciate all of our customers as business has grown so we find this to be the best way to accommodate to every one fairly. Please use our Contact form or reach out to any time and we will be happy to help!